About Håbo Buss


Håbo Buss was founded in 1990 and everything started with Mats, Ingela, two small school buses and an agreement with the municipality. Little by little, it started running evenings and weekends and the demand for a larger bus led to a small increase in the number of buses. Two men on three buses can be difficult – and slowly one thing led to another and the company grew. Today the group has around 35 buses and 50 drivers!

The heart of Håbo Buss is in Åby, Övergran just outside Bålsta. Here is the head office and the large bus garage. Tourist buses and school buses are housed here and we run school buses for Sigtuna and Upplands-Bro municipalities. The tourist buses run throughout the Mälardalen region, but most of the traffic is in Stockholm.

We have bought a few companies over the years to gain a broader market and a stronger company. In 2003 we bought Stockholm’s oldest privately owned bus company, Stures Busstjänst.

In March 2005 we bought Knivsta Buss (founded in 1945) which is still operating in its old premises in Knivsta. Here we have school bus services and tourist buses for transfers and day trips.

In August 2010 we welcomed Julita Buss into the group with its broad travel program and since January 2011 Håbo Buss also owns Botkyrka Buss. Ragnesands Trafik was purchased in January 2012 and in 2014 we took over Resekompaniet, which is a complete travel agency with self-produced trips. In the fall of 2015, Interbus entered the group, but was sold off again in 2020.

We want to invest in the feeling of a smaller company even though we are larger and want to maintain a personal and close relationship with our customers. It is therefore important for us that you as a customer have your own contact person, whose strength is to know your company’s needs.

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